Wednesday, June 30, 2010


My body is aching today...all over...shoulders, legs, quads, you name it. Did my camp drop offs and headed to the gym:

WOD #1 - 50 step ups/40 box jumps/30 situps/20 pushups/10 burpees x 2 - time was 12:26.

WOD #2 - 4x800M run with 2 minutes rest in between: 3:44, 3:41, 3:40, 3:39. Even though the pace on the treadmill was set faster each time, it sure didn't cut off any time at all.

While Hagen's doing Ironworks, I think I'll stretch out and swim a bit. 1500 meters of just swimmin' :) Beautiful out today...water was warmer than the air.

1 comment:

  1. very consistent splits on those 800s :)

    Its July tomorrow!! woooohooo!