Sunday, June 13, 2010

A little dog borrowing...

another day of lacrosse - 9:45 -3pm. The day just goes. I was disappointed I didn't get my swim and back squats in, so instead, after a light dinner I headed out to do a walk/run the hills program. I felt great on the first hill and then stopped at a friend's house to borrow her dog for the rest of the time. Missing mine.

So, I thought I'd walk a bit and then run these hills, however, the dog was moving so I just went with it. I did manage to tire her out a bit by the end. Total mileage was 3.2...I ran almost all of it in an uncomfortable pair of shorts (not spandex) and I worked each hill unlike my run in the Rev 3.

Time for a shower and a little bit of reading. Last week of school for kids! Got to make the most of it next week!


  1. I know that can borrow our dog if you want :). I haven't run with her, but she'd probably enjoy it.

    That Rev3 run is stuck in my mind too... option delete, command z, i want a do over! I won't do it in uncomfortable shorts tho. That's just too much...

  2. Use Rev3 as motivation; however don't dwell on it. I really beat myself up over Hyannis, but I no longer feel demoralized by it. Whether you think so or not, Rev3 made you stronger both physically and mentally.

  3. Definitely mentally stronger for sure! And my young golden (Daisy) would love to run with anyone anywhere anytime.