Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tougher than I thought...

Switching some workouts around to accommodate camp schedules, so did the drop off and then headed to gym.

WOD - 400M run/30 box jumps/30 wall shots 10#- 4 times through. This one hurt really bad...didn't think it was going to take long, but it did. 19:53. My heart was racing and my legs were completely shot. That's a lot of wall balls in 2 days. I was sore in my shoulders from yesterday - I'm not sure if it was the 150 wall balls or a combination of that and the biking and swimming.

2nd WOD - stationary bike tabata :20/:10 x 32. Total distance in 16 minutes was 5 miles. Got the heart rate up to 153 during this workout.

I'm tired.


  1. You should be tired - You've been working your A.. off.

  2. I am tired just reading your recent posts.

  3. that is a tough day especially back 2 bacj wallballs days.