Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nature all around...

Ride today. Had I known I'd be surrounded by nature's creatures, I probably would have had second thoughts about the ride. A bee (or some large buzzing thing) hit the side of my head -didn't sting though, almost ran over a squirrel who couldn't make a decision on which direction to move, 2 chipmunks crossed in front of me (of course both times on a downhill) and a small bird flew about a foot in front of my tire. Did the 26 mile loop TT - time was 1:25.55. Did it off my stop watch since my odometer is not functioning properly. It was 30 seconds off my fastest time...I'll take it since it was the first time in the new positioning.

I decided to swim again today. I just want to feel better in the water. I may try and go a bit more often than 2 times a week, but not all out efforts. I wasn't going at it like yesterday. Total yards 2000. 1000 warm up, 12x50's on :55 kick down, swim back and then a 400 IM swim. That's it.

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  1. I once ran over a chipmunk on my bike. Poor critter never had a chance. Screaming downhill and I just pretty much cut 'im right in half... :O. Ate a lot of bugs tonight...mmmm good! Are you going to LP this weekend? I love swimming in Mirror Lake!