Wednesday, June 2, 2010

bike, run, swim

Wednesday - 33 minute bike ride to feel out legs....4 or 5 pick ups. Avg. speed 19.6 mph. Total distance 11 big hills -rollers. Felt good.

Today - 8 x 200's at 75% - should have been between :59 - 1:02, but ended up a little faster...going :58 to start and ending at :54. Legs felt a little tired but loose and I wasn't out of breath. Warmed up with 1/2 mile and down with a 1/4

So sweaty, but went to the pool to get the wetsuit feel...probably not a good idea to put it on when took forever. Plus, I got in and only did about a 150 and then jumped out. Had enough. Arms felt good, but such a weird feeling to be in a confined outfit. Hopefully it'll go on a little more smoothly on Sunday once I've either pammed or body glided myself.

Got home and read blogs & saw that Ariel's in IMLP! The more the merrier! So happy he found a race- made my day!


  1. You may know this already but just in case: Small plastic bags over feet make tight wetsuit entry much easier/quicker.

    Been following all the trimax training blogs and getting very inspired. Thanks and good luck!

    Neil F.

  2. I get that same confined feeling with the wetsuit on - actually feel that it interferes with my breathing as it's crushing my chest (overly dramatic, aren't I?). Sounds like your taper is going well - can't wait to see you and the rest of the gang on Sunday. You staying overnight?

  3. is that neil fischbein? i know i butchered your last name. how are you? are you racing these days too? anyway, funny you should mention the plastic bags...just the other day, I watched a video with macca doing just that same thing...if i had had plastic bags with me today, i would have used them!

    martin - no overnight...getting up really early and heading out! see you there.