Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Easing into it again...

Yesterday I made my trip to the pool. With the soreness in my shoulders, I knew it wasn't going to feel that great. I was so tired I probably could have fallen asleep in the water. I swam 2000 yards straight trying to stretch out...there was no speed involved whatsoever.

Today, I'm hoping to get a nap in to catch up on some sleep. I feel exhausted. Mentally, I'm pretty good and of course, still thinking to myself, why I didn't run more of that race. It's actually pissing me off.

Today's WOD says to do what I did Monday which was the 3 sets of 12 for a variety of exercises. I will go do that and then may sit on a bike again or maybe take a walk, little jog, depending on the weather. It's hard not to want to go do a lot more than the plan says, but my body is definitely telling me that I'm not ready to go at the 100%.


  1. Ya know... I feel the same way about that darned run! And, its pissing me off too. And I am pissed that there's a 7 at the front of my total time. It will be impossible for me to avoid this race next year. I need to go back and get right with it...

    My head wants to go at the training 100% right now too, but I'm pretty sure my body would tell my brain to take a hike... :)

  2. You guys are funny! It's so easy to second guess your effort after the fact - yes, I did it too. It's in the past - mark it up as a learning experience. You both raced it well. It is a darn difficult course and the run was pretty hot.