Friday, June 11, 2010


Uhhhh...trying to take deep breaths but can't seem to get a good one. Headed to the pool for a swim. Ttl yards :2600. I felt as if I was struggling a bit, but went in there with a positive attitude:

Main set: 10x200s alternate free/back and descend (so the first 4 were pretty much warm up)
Ended with 2:43 for free and 3:00 for back (maybe I should do backstroke at Lake Placid : ) - just kidding)
Finished with 2x100 IMs - 1:29s and 2x150's pullw/paddles - 2:09

Gym WOD - Warmed up with 10 minute elliptical.
500M row/400M run (x3) @70%. Started up and felt tired - I actually got stronger and by the 3rd go around was faster on the row and run. Probably went at it 85% - 13:07 time.

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