Monday, May 31, 2010

taper week

Many of you are in the same boat as're all probably looking at your plan and saying "that's it?" I have to remember that it's taper week and that strange things tend to occur. Being a swimmer for so many years, I've gone through this many times. You start to question your training, you may feel terrible and out of breath when doing a short workout, and your brain is telling you that you need to do more. I'm doing it today and need to remember that by adding more to my workout for the day is not going to make me any stronger for fact, it will probably just make me tired. So I'm going to the track and doing the workout that you all said was horrible...but I'm probably going to go at it 80%.

ok - back from and point. Felt terrible. I think I was going harder than 80% because I was breathing so hard. Final heartrate was 180+. WOD - 400M run, 50 squats, 10 burpees (x3) - time 12:09. Just noticed that it was supposed to be 4 times, not 3. Oh well. I warmed up and down with 1/2 a mile.

So that's it until tomorrow. Maybe mowing the lawn will count as a workout if I push the mower a little faster. : ) Happy Memorial Day!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

LSD run

Run day today. Wanted to take a rest day, but think we're going to Lake Compounce tomorrow. So with that said, my legs were tired. Got in 8 miles in 1:10 - felt okay, not great. Looking forward to chilling for the next several hours through tomorrow.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Bike and transition practice

Today I went for my 25 mile route...time was 1:26:39. That's 45 seconds slower than my PR. I felt stronger than usual and didn't stand at any point on the hills so I was pleased with the effort. Just a little frustrated that the time doesn't get faster when you feel faster.

Did a quick transition into running gear and went for a mile just to feel it out. It's gonna be a long 13 miles...let's hope the weather's like today.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Swim and Helen

Total yardage in pool - 3600.
Main set:
2x400's - on 6min - 5:37, 5:33
4x200's @ 3:15 (1 &3 free, 2 & 4 back) - 2:45, 3:05, 2:43, 3:02
8x100's kick w/ fins on 1:30
Legs were tired today

HELEN: 10:50 - beats my time from March by 29 seconds. KB was 20lbs (the 12Kg was too heavy on my shoulders - especially after swim). Pull ups on the gravitron with 60lbs.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hot track!

I probably should have saved this workout for a cooler day, but it was on the plan, so went for it.

Jogged to the HS (approx. 2 miles) as warm up for the track workout of 10 x 200s at 5K pace. I could have probably have backed off a little on the speed but just wanted to get them over with:
Times: 54, 52 (after this one, the grounds keeper came over to tell me that this was not the day to do this - I replied that I'd be racing in the heat, so I might as well get used to it :) -
The rest of the times were 51, 49.2, 49.3, 49.7, 49.5, 54 (no idea how so off), 48.7, 47.8.

I was boiling but wanted to do this other CF workout since I was already sweaty and didn't feel like going to the gym to do shoulder presses. Instead substituted 50 stepups/40 box jumps/30 situps/20 knee push ups/10 burpees x 2 for time - the bleachers were there for the first 2 and then I ran down the ramp to do the rest. Total time was 12:59. I was surprised. It felt so much slower than that, but I was pleased....a little slower than last time, but it was justified by the previous workout and the heat.

As I'm walking across the field, there are 2 girls in their bikinis applying lotion and sunbathing away during their free period. Too funny! Anyway, didn't have my car, so ran back home (about a 1.5 m worth and then walked 1/2 mile to cool down - which didn't really happen). Shower please.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

State Hwy 539

The last time I rode this hill (a cut through from 189 to 20), I swore I wasn't going to do it again. - that was 2 years ago. I suffered. Today, I didn't feel like riding the same old route, so I took St Hwy 539 on...that is a mother of a hill. I was standing for plenty of it and it never seemed to stop. Definitely a hill I should continue to attempt to conquer.

Anyway, beautiful day for a bike ride (not a run). Ended up going 31.6 miles - 1:54. Avg. 16.6 - top speed got to 41.7. Fun and enjoyed the sun with the sweat. Working on that biker's tan for sure.

Monday, May 24, 2010

breaking through it...

Glad to have the swim day...was contemplating switching it up to bike today instead, but will do that tomorrow. Today..3600 yards.
  • 5 x 150s on 2:30 (held 2:00 on each one - i was so annoyed that i couldn't break that 2 minute mark so I swam an easy 150 and continued with.....)
  • 3x150's on 2:30 - YAY - breakthrough....all 1:58s! I'm not sure how I hold those times exactly since i don't feel the same on any of them - so gave myself another 150 easy and then....
  • 1x150 - 1:56. D-O-N-E
  • 4x100 IMs on 1:50 - went 1:27, 1:25, 1:25, 1:24...felt like crap but pulled off some decent times.
WOD at gym - (500M row/30 25# barbell thrusters) x 4
I was ready to do this workout with enthusiasm but as soon as I started thrusting, I could feel the tiredness in the arms and legs. I did my best to work hard through it, but felt more like I was going through the motions. Total time: 17:03

Saturday, May 22, 2010

squeezing in a run

Mom just got into town from SC. Also, had a lax game in South Hadley, Mass (we live in CT people - don't understand why we need to schedule with MA teams!). And knowing that there is a full day of stuff tomorrow, I knew I had to get a workout in today.

It was about 2pm before I got out and it was hot. I haven't gotten into a routine with carrying a water bottle, so I went without. I went 8 miles on the nose and hit it in 1:11.52. Let's just say that by the time I finished, I was parched and my feet were hot!

Friday, May 21, 2010

No indoors today

I had to ride today...the plan called for 3/6/9/12 mile check points...I did my best to look at the times, but to me it didn't really matter since the course was constantly changing, 9:31, 20:02, 28.44, 48.50 (much of it up hill - rt. 219).

Ended up riding 43.2 miles - time 2:27 - avg. 17.5, max speed 41. Came home and jumped on the treadmill for a mile. It didn't feel great to go into the run, but it was manageable. Nutrition on the bike was good and took in 3 full water bottles. Still thinking about Sue who's out there tackling her century ride - you go Grigely! Hope you wore sunscreen : )

Thursday, May 20, 2010

pool & more situps?

(300 free, 200IM, 100 Kick) x 4
300's - 4:30, 4:11, 4:06, 4:05 / 200IMs - 3:10, 3:04, 3:03, 3:03
3x200s pull descend
Total yards - 3500

WOD - 21su, 200M run, 18, 200M, 15, 200M, 12, 200M, 9, 200M, 6, 200M, 3, 200M - 9:59

.9 mile run around my block in the sneakers...7:10. Done and ready for lunch!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Enough with the sit-ups!

Another AMRAP for 20 minutes: 4 burpees, 8 knee push ups, 12 sit ups (this was the worst). Managed 16 rounds and 2 burpees.

Run WOD: Tabata 5K. Since I kept the treadmill running for the :20 on/:10 off, it was difficult to figure out exactly where 3.1 miles would be. So instead I did the tabata 60 times (30 minutes) and got in 4.29 miles (with treadmill going)- pace was between 7:03 and 7:09 for most of it. Tried out some new sneakers which don't have as much arch...don't know yet if they're going to work, but they weren't too bad.

Is anyone else as tired as I am?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

pool, quick row, quick CF WOD

Pool workout: Erica and Ariel did those 8 x 100's so I went for it today.
Warmup - 500
Mainset: 8x100's (first 4 were on 2:30 and the second 4 on 3 minutes)...lactic acid buildup for sure.
Times: 1:15, 1:16, 1:15, 1:15, 1:15, 1:14, 1:15, 1:13
Did an easy 100 and then asked the lifeguard if I could go off the blocks for one more 100 for time...weird feeling, but fun...time was 1:11.5/1:12. My arms were dead.
Total yards - 2500 (got some 50's in there fly and back with fins)

Gym workouts:
#1 - 1000M row for time - 3:58
#2 - 21 25#KB, 42 sit-ups, 84 squats - 2 times through - time was 8:17
My butt bone is hurtin' today. Also, attempted the 35# KB but felt a twinge in shoulder so dropped weight.

Monday, May 17, 2010

it's hot out...

Today I didn't get to workout until after 1:30...ran 5.75 miles in 51.40 was hot and I felt dehydrated. I hadn't had enough to drink the day before, and also hadn't had enough from the time I woke up until 1ish. Gotta get used to the heat!

2nd WOD- 250 situps for time: 9.52! Better than last time - 11:14. This time I paced myself and didn't go off like a shotgun. Happy with the result.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beach rock bear

Today was a day that I was looking forward to - I had my riding buddy Sue with me and we set out to do the "beach rock" ride. We were definitely moving, but got some talking in there too. Overall my time was better than last time riding - I covered 39.5 miles in 2:30, while last time it was 37 miles in 2:23. This go around I averaged 15.6mph, while last time it was 15.4.

It was a beautiful day and while we were just about half way through and climbing, we saw a huge black bear in the middle of the road (Rt. 181). We did stop since it seemed to be wandering from side to side and wasn't going into the woods. We had to make a decision and we certainly didn't want to turn back and go a different route. So as soon as we didn't see it for a few minutes, we started pedaling (of course, Sue made me lead the way) heart was racing for fear that bear was going to come after us, but once we were past the point, I could breathe again and enjoy the rest of the ride. Today the time went by more quickly - thanks for the company!

Friday, May 14, 2010


CF Cindy today(AMRAP in 20 min - 5 pullups (gravitron), 10 pushups (knees), 15 squats...did better than last time - my arms are getting stronger - the pushups definitely moved more quickly. Completed 21 rounds in 20:04. Last time was 5 squats short of 19.

2nd CF WOD - 5 minutes on, 2 off (4x). Distances on the gym bike:
1.92 miles level 15
1.95 miles level 16/15
1.98 miles level 16/15
2.02 miles level 16

4 miles extra at level 15 (11 minutes of just riding :))

Thursday, May 13, 2010

top half works - bottom not so good

Pool day...wasn't really motivated to do a lot, so after reading everyone else's blogs, thought I'd do a 1000 for time. Warmed up with 400 and felt loose in the arms, but legs weren't moving. Gluteus maximus muscles are sore...but that didn't matter. My time was 14:10. I felt great, breathing wise and stroke wise with the pull. But of course, doubting myself that I may have missed 2 laps, I felt like I need to do something else to see where I'd come in. So off I went for a 500 (for time, but definitely didn't feel as smooth since I had put most of what I had into the 1000)...came in at 6:56. Okay...I can justify that I did do 40 laps. So after a quick 150 warm down, just one more distance to see what the time would be...200yards. Came in at 2:39. That was exhausting, but I'm so glad I did it. Swimming is strange like that for me...some days when I'm least expecting it, everything clicks. While other days when I'm excited to get in the water, I feel awful!

Next WOD was 20K TT -it started off rough and continued that way- the course not too hilly, but my legs were dying. Avg mph was 18.4. Total time was 40:10. Did total of 18 miles in 58 minutes.

Sometimes you just gotta be happy that one thing was workin' out okay today.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gonna feel this

Today's WOD was 100ft walking lunges, 10 burpees and 25 situps (3x) - time was 10:35. I am going to feel this tomorrow and the next day. The burpees were painful after doing those lunges - nothing left in the legs to get those jumps out, back in and up.

WOD #2 was 400/800/1200/800/400 for time with same amount of rest as the running time.
I was happy with these - probably should have pushed more in the beginning, but since it was soon after the lunge workout, I was getting the feeling back in the legs. Times: 1:50, 3:38, 5:25, 3:31, 1:39.

1/2 mile easy run and then lots of rolling - stretching afterwards.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

welcome back KB

First on the docket...swim: 2600 yards
Main set:
4 x 200's on 3:15 - 2:45, 2:43, 2:45, 2:46
100 easy
3 x 200's on 3:30 -2:43, 2:43, 2:43
100 easy
1 x 200 2:41

Felt okay. Went to gym to get the WOD in. 400 M run/21 25lb KB/400M/18/400M/ 15KB/ 400M/12 KB/ 400M/ 9KB/400M/6KB/400M/3/400M/1KB. out of breath by last 3 400M runs...19.29 minutes (thought i might have done a double on the 12KB set, but who knows...treadmill stopped after 10 minutes so had to restart and lost a little bit of concentration).

Monday, May 10, 2010

brick- well not really

I swapped out tomorrow's workout for today...40K TT - I really do not like working out in the afternoon. Got on my trainer and used some of that inside energy that had been stored up all day. 55:45 - averaged 26.4 mph and heartrate stayed in the 160-170 range (checked it several times). That is a lot faster than my last 40K which was in February..a little more than 3 minutes faster, but then again, who knows with the trainer if it's in the same exact position as before - I did have it on the second highest gear.

The brick part was sad, but I had to pick up Hagen at the HS and by being there a little earlier I got on the track and did a mile. Legs didn't feel too bad, although 1) it was only a mile and 2) i wasn't going very is still windy and cold.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

a little bit of this and that

I just wanted a run by myself, so dropped the kids off at Ironworks and headed out to the Granby/Simsbury bike trail across from the ISCC. Did 5.6 miles in 51 minutes.

Then saw a small dirt hill at the back of ISCC - did 5 sprints up it (about 40 seconds each) -used the downhill to catch my breath before staring back up again. Trying to emulated the uphill dirt run of Rev 3 that goes for 4 miles...brutal.

Next, headed to the Ironworks truck and saw no kids outside, so grabbed a 12 lb medicine ball and did 25 wall balls. Then grabbed a 45 lbs bar and did 10squats and 5 thrusters.

4 sets of 20 stairs and done. Windy but nice morning.

Friday, May 7, 2010

16 minutes of Sweat

16 minutes on the bike seems short, but i was happy when it was done. I was at the gym on my regular bike...level 16, doing a :20/:10 tabata x 32. Completed 6.06 miles (had to peddle slightly during the :10 as to not have the bike stop). Heart rate was 170+

Deadlifts - starting up easy again and working on form. 110lbs 2/3/4/5/6
Thrusters - 10 at 45lbs

Bike ride outside - 42.5 minutes 11.5 mile ride -some good climbs out West Mountain, up some hills/and then down North mountain.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

swim and WOD

3000 yd swim...main set:
5 x 100's kick/swim
50/100/150/200/200/150/100/50 - 50's on :45
:38, 1:20/2:04/2:45/2:43/2:04/1:19/:38 - phew tired
3x150's on 2:30 pull w/ paddles: 2:09, 2:09, 2:05

CF WOD - 50 step ups, 40 box jumps, 30 sit ups, 20 pushups, 10 burpees x 2 - time of 12:16. Heart rate in the 180's. Legs were fried by the last set of burpees.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

CF was 9 minutes and 8 seconds...21 situps/200M run/18 su/200M/15su/200M/12su/200M/9su/200M/6su/200M/3su/200M.

I was tired from just that WOD, but wanted to get out and enjoy the weather. Went for a trail run...25min, 31 sec...between 2.9-3 miles. Quads are wasted.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thank goodness for Spearmint Gum!

Too beautiful not to bike outside...went for a 40K and ended up a little longer doing the 25 mile loop that I'm used to. PR of 1:25.18..average mph 17.5. Last time I did it, the time was 1:25.50 so a small improvement, but I'll take it.

There was a first for me out there today - hence the title of my post - I only ate 1/2 a peanut butter & jelly sandwich before heading out and as I was climbing Rt. 20, there was a bit of burping which let to some vomiting (just a little). It happened two more times over the course of the ride. The gum helped take the taste out of my mouth. Should probably have had a gu or some sort of nutrition on the ride, but couldn't do it. Strange...since I didn't feel sick at all.

Monday, May 3, 2010

a little off

So today was a swim and CF day. Swim times were a bit off - I know I ate and drank poorly yesterday, was standing all day long and in the sun, and didn't get a lot of sleep so those are my excuses, but I still tried to work as hard as I could.

Total yards 3500
WU 800 and 4x50's kick/swim
Main set:
2x300s on 5 (4:10, 4:09)
4x150's on 2:30 (2:02, 2:02. 2:05, 2:03)
100 ez
3 x100's kick on 2 min (1:49, 1:45, 1:44)
100 ez
3x100's free on 1:40 (1:19, 1:20, 1:20)
8x50's stroke on 50 with fins
Warm down set to finish

Then did CF workout later...20 min AMRAP of 5 pullups, 10 knee pushups, 15 squats - got in 18 full rounds and all but 10 squats in on round #19. Was sweatin' up a storm, but it felt good. I am beat.