Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mom & Son WOD

Today I got out on my bike for 55 minutes...16.5 miles of mostly rolling hills. It was hot out.

I knew when Hagen got home from school, he would want to do a WOD that Max gave him. I was planning on doing it with him. It was supposed to be a TT run around the Farms course, but he didn't like that one. I told him that I had to do a 400M run, 50 squats and 10 burpees (x4) WOD, but just hadn't gotten to it. He was up for it so I told him I'd do it with him. Much easier with company. Well, he put me to shame. We went to the HS track (it was probably 10 degrees hotter there + the girls soccer and cross country teams were practicing...but he still wanted to do it).

I hung in on the 1st run and then he squats a lot faster than I do, so by the end he was about 100 meters ahead of me. My time was 16:45...his was 16:14. It was a good workout and I enjoyed the company!

Monday, August 30, 2010

thrusters = shaky

10 minute elliptical warm up
WOD #1 - 50 40# Thrusters for time...broke them into 10s. Time was 4:14 Can't believe how much my legs start to quiver fairly early on in something like this...good feeling to know it's working.
WOD #2 24 x :20/:10 rest of treadmill tabata - held 6:58 pace

10 pull ups with heavier weight on gravitron, 2x12 crunches and 2 sets of extensions.

Pool - 1500 feeling it out...Warm up with 8x50's kick/swim on 50/55 and then 5 x 100's stroke.

Friday, August 27, 2010


FRI. 31.7 miles...2 hours of riding. So nice to think out there and just enjoy the weather and scenery...purposely picked a lovely ride which would be a quiet one. Up 309 - 179 - Granville Rd to Lost Acres (little piece of heavenly ride) - to 189 and detoured off East St. to Wells back to 189 and up 20, Firetown to home.

SAT. - rest day

SUN. - Was hoping to run to the track and then do a WOD there, but as I was running, I saw that there was a soccer game happening - so plan B was to go for run that ended up at home (the Stratton Brook run) which was 30.20 min -3.5 miles and then do a WOD there. Picked a tabata (16 min - 8 each of 20 sec on/10 off) and made up my own: push ups, jump ropes, situps and knees to elbows. Totals: 76, 397, 86, 69.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

back to pool

So sore today...can't believe how my legs feel. Went to the pool to see if I could loosen them up...nope, didn't work. Probably didn't help that I gardened and mowed for 4 hours -long time bending over, standing and walking. Anyway, workout was 800 swim, 200 kick w.u. followed by 8x50's on 1 min - 2 of each stroke. Mainset: 6x150's pull - 2 on 2:30, 2 x 2:20 and 2x2:10..held between 2 and 2:05. Last set was 3x100's kick with fins and a warm down.

Thought I'd get in a bike today sin
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ce it was gorgeous out, but legs are wiped...will try tomorrow. : )

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

free - laaadeeedaaa

No going to the gym when I can just run about freely...set off after the bus left, laundry folded, vacuumed and dishes put away. Legs were sore from squats yesterday (big surprise), but went for a 6.4 mile run. Time was pretty slow 59.54, but felt okay until around mile 4 when the feet started hurting and so did the quads.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last day...

of trying to fit in workouts when kids are home. It can be difficult at times just to find an hour or 2 when you have to drive them somewhere every other hour....but I survived! Thank goodness for crossfit sessions.

As sad as I am that summer is already over, I know that we are all ready to get back into a routine!

Today, the WOD was what the kids did at Ironworks (I did it at home)...20 pushups, 40 situps and 60 squats to the ball x 4 with 3 minutes rest between each round. The times for each set were as follow: 4:12, 4:00, 4:04, 3:51. I think the first set was slower because I was not fully warmed up and the squats killed me. I thought I'd do some running after that, but fe getta bout it...no chance. Also, come to find out that my oldest 2 beat me....time to work harder. : )

Monday, August 23, 2010

5K row TT

Thought I'd swim, but ear is acting up. What is going on with me?

Got to the gym and hit the bike for a 10 minute warm up. Was not sure what to expect with the rowing. Set the 5K mark and off I went. Total time was 20:59.1. That was 11 seconds slower than my best and given how I feel lately, I was happy with the time.

Cool down - some planks and stretching.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

WOD of run/KB/situps

WOD today was made up to get myself going once again...

800M run, 21 KB, 50 situps, 800M run, 15 KB, 50 s.ups, 800M run, 9 KB, 50 situps, 800M run, 3 KB, 50 situps - Time was 24:01

Warmed up with 300 jump ropes, 1/2 mile run. Warm down was 1/2 mile run and 2 sets of extensions.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

one on and one off

can't seem to get rid of this cold...and now max has something as well. Not pretty in our house right now and must make sure to keep kids healthy before school starts on Wed. (woohoo and boohoo). Today was a wash...ended up taking kids to lake compounce for the day with friends...just a long day and at this point, I'm way too tired to motivate and do anything.

Yesterday got my 25 mile bike route in up Rt. 20. I was moving a lot slower and my bike odometer restarted at some point through the ride so I'm not sure how long it took me, but am glad that I didn't see the #...it probably would have bummed me out. Will re-try the route when I'm feeling a bit rejuvenated.

Good luck to Dan and the others competing this weekend - Wilkes Barre and Timberman!! Go Trimax!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Swim and partner AMRAPs

Swim today - again, I do not enjoy it when I haven't been in the water for a while. For me, it's like starting from scratch. 2500 total yards...600 w.up. 4x100's kick on 2 min
Main set: 2x250's on 4:30- middle 50 backstroke, 4x150's on 2:30 middle 50 back, 6 x 75 IMS on 1:30...50 warm down

WOD with Ironworks. Partner AMRAP
Run to end of rink and back while partner is doing burpees then switch...for 8 minutes. count total burpees - 101

2nd AMRAP - 15 tire step ups and then partner is doing wall balls...count # of wall balls after 8 minutes...total 142.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dirty 30

WOD - Dirty 30...Kids did it yesterday at Ironworks, so thought I'd do it today. Harder than it looks. 30 of each of the following for time:

Deadlifts (80#)
Box Jumps
Push press (50#)
Push ups
Sit Ups
Wall Balls (12#)

Time was 12:43 and hit a heartrate of 180.

Tried to run after, but wasn't working too well so hit the elliptical for 3miles with intervals.
Finished with a set of extensions.

Monday, August 16, 2010

back to work...

Gym early...bike WOD of 1 minute, 2 min., up to 5 and then 5 again and back down to 1 minute. Rest 1 minute in between.

Distances as follows: .4, .8, 1.2, 1.68, 2.08, 2.11, 1.68, 1.27, .89, .48 = 12.59 miles in 30 min

2nd WOD - thought this was Fran, but forgot it was thrusters, not push-ups...oh well. 21, 15, 9 of pull ups on gravitron and push-ups (cross-fit). Time 5:05.

50 sit ups and 2 sets of 12 back and each side extensions.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend of rest (sort of)

So Friday, I ended up running 45 minutes...haven't mapped how long it was, but I felt okay. Still not feeling 100%, but knew I had the weekend to get better. We headed to Newport that afternoon and just got back tonight. It was so beautiful there...we hit the beach, hit up Brick Market, saw the Tennis Hall of Fame and walked around Fort Adams (plus ate a lot)...was very unmotivated to workout, so I'm back on the bandwagon tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

run w/o ipod

Was so looking forward to a quick nature run with the ipod, but it was not charged. Went out anyway...did the Farms trail run and added in Fox Den...32 minutes. peaceful and just nice to get out and run. 100 jump ropes to finish.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

old days CF WOD

A little sore from yesterday. Wanted to do the Ironworks WOD, but had other things that I had to get done too, so pulled a workout from the old plan.

Warmed up on elliptical - .5 mile
WOD 500M row/400M run - 5 times through - time was: 21.45 (looked back and 12 seconds slower than June 21st)..I'll take it.
Finished with 15 minute bike easy
2 sets of back and side extensions

I think I drove 250 miles today just in our own town and a few towns over! Crazy day..glad it's over!

Monday, August 9, 2010

CF with Ironworks!

So, throat pain has lessened so didn't go to doctor - anything to save me from a trip there is good.

I was feeling up to a workout, so I took my bike with me to the Farms and when I dropped the kids off for Ironworks, I headed out to ride 10 miles - avg.19.2mph (31 minutes)...felt good and wasn't pushing too hard.

When I got back, I was ready for the CF WOD that Max put together for Ironworks - I was doing the 1-2pm slot so that my kids would not be embarrassed by me doing it at the same time as them. Warm up was 1/2 mile run, 2 x 1 minute planks (hard) and 1-10 walk out push-ups (real, which I never do, but felt pressured...dropped to the knees on 8-10.)

WOD was 1 lap around rink, 5 burpees, 5 wall balls - AMRAP in 7 minutes...completed 4 full rounds, 1 lap, 5 burpees and 3 wall balls.
Part II was 5x95# deadlifts, 20 jump ropes, 20 sit-ups - AMRAP in 7 minutes. Completed 6 full sets, the 5 deadlifts, 20 jump ropes and 7 situps.

That was hard but felt so good! And I wasn't the last one coming in on either set...bonus!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A day or two of rest

Well, I took yesterday off and then went to the beach today with the kids - so fun - and when they were at hockey, I decided to use the track and run. Boy was I tired. I did 2 miles at a moderate pace and then did 50 step ups/10 box jumps/30 situps/20 squats/10 burpees x 2 - and not for time since I was not feelin' it + was supposed to do 40 box jumps but it was higher than the norm for me, so went to a smaller amount. Did another 2 laps and finished with a jog/cool-down back to the rink. I need sleep and also tomorrow will be a phone call to the doctor...still have this darn throat pain...I'm gonna make the call that it's strep. Keep ya posted.

Friday, August 6, 2010

cranky ride

Ride felt like poo today. 2nd day of waking up with throat hurting on the right side when I swallow. Giving it another few days before checking it out with doctor.

Went 1:13 and covered 22miles. Was pretty much ready to be done at about 40 minutes, but was out too far and had to come back. The butt still hasn't recovered so it was painful sitting for that long. Just a cranky ride.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dead lifts and run

I got on the elliptical to warm up for 10 minutes...I just can't imagine going back to working out on that machine for 45 minutes like I used to.

Today was deadlifts...I hate them, but now that LP is over and I don't care if I hurt myself, I decided to do some. 12 reps @95#, 8 reps@115#, 4 reps @125 and 1 rep @135. I feel so week in this area.

Went upstairs and did 3 sets of 12 hip extensions & 2 sets of side extensions (left/right) and then 100 sit ups.

Finished up with tabata run...12 x 30 sec on 30 sec off. Nice and sweaty. No point taking a shower today anyway - it's like walking in a bath outside.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2000 yard swim this morning. 500 warm up- felt good but under my armpit was really sore...after the 20 laps, felt better. Main set to get back into swing of things: 20x50's (5 on 1 min, 5x:55, 5x:50 and 5x:45)...held between 36-38 fairly consistently. Warm down - 200 back, 300 free.

Later today, did my own WOD, .86 mile run/75 jump ropes/35 squats/75 jump ropes x 2 - total time was 19:34. Nothing like feeling that heart rate sky rocket again. First time running since Lake Placid and felt okay.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Whoah wind!

windy day today...bike of 11.7 miles in 41:55. this was a hard ride today...i am sore from yesterday and the legs had to definitely work on the hills and there were lots of them (Bahre Hill/E.Mtn to 309). Coming down 309, I actually thought the wind would blow me over....scary! Thank god that kind of wind wasn't in LP. I am getting almost 10 hours of sleep and i'm still tired...it may take a while to recover...baby steps.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Rep recovery and row

today was 3 sets of 12 reps (70% weight): push ups- the cross fit way (no more knees), pull ups, wall balls 10#, bench press @ 55#, hip extensions w/ 10# and sit ups. Warmed up with a 1K row and then after the weight sets, did a 3K at 70% - 13:32. Felt strong and consistent...ready to run, but waiting a bit.