Sunday, October 31, 2010

farms loop

limited time to get a workout time trial run around farms....21.57. Can't believe it but I beat my prior time back in Sept of 22:19. Felt bad because I saw my daughter's soccer coach on the trail and wanted to stop to talk, but couldn't. Oh well...I know he understands. Finished with some 45# shoulder presses....i am week.

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

good golly....

Got to the gym...10 minute eliptical warm up.

WOD: 500M row, 50x26.2# KB, 50 squats, 500M row, 40 x KB, 40 squats, 500M row, 30xKB, 30 squats, 500M row, 20xKB, 20 squats --- 20.06 minutes

my arms are dead.

Monday, October 25, 2010

4 day summary

Friday - gym. 4 miles on treadmill...1% incline - started at 6.5 and increased .2 mph each 1/2 mile for 3 miles, then upped the incline to 3% and ran 1/2 mile, and then dropped incline to 0% for last 1/2 mile and ran at a 6:58 that feeling of no incline after running up a hill.
finished with situps, KBs no particular order

Weekend...a workout. No Max around - driving kids from 7:30 in morning to 8pm at night.

Today. Got an hour run in. Felt great to move the legs. Used 20 # KB for side extensions. And did 12 push presses 45#. May try and get a CF workout in later if not much is going on.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


ran about 1.2 miles today with dogs...mine and a friends...well walked half and ran the other...then hit the gym. warmed up with 1 mile and then did 8 x 1 minute at 6:58 mile pace...didn't rest in between but dropped pace to 9:14 miles. Completed 3 total miles at gym.

Finished with extensions: 2 sets of back and sides.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I am seriously feeling like I am lacking some sleep. While I really didn't feel like getting into workout clothes, I forced myself knowing that i'd feel better once i was done. Well, I'm done and ehhh, whatever.

Warm -up of 300 jump ropes and 3 30sec handstands. WOD was off main CF website a few days ago: 3 rounds for time of 15 Hang cleans (65# is all i could muster) and 15 burpees. Total time was 9:39. Looked back at the website and noticed how many CFitters were under 4 do they do it? And with more weight? Pretty strong and fit folks out there.

Finished with 10 pull ups. I need a nap.

Monday, October 18, 2010


In honor of my buff son, who did motivate me to do deadlifts today, the WOD was:

5x135 lb deadlifts
10 burpees
approx. 1/2 mile run (my house to shady lane and back)

4 rounds for time: 23:39

Thanks Hagen! : )
biked yesterday for 50 minutes...don't know the distance yet since i didn't map it out and my odometer wasn't working again...let's just say it did not feel very fast. also, the gears are all switching on me when i start to lower the resistance. not good. i thought i just had this bike all tuned up. i had hoped for a lovely pleasant smooth ride, but no such luck. it was a workout.

anyway, saturday was an off day and friday i managed to get in a 47 minute run and do 15 hang cleans (or whatever you call them)...max has set up a gym in our garage with pull up bar, weights, rings, no excuses. Hagen loves it...he had a PR deadlift of 185 the other day....I've never even attempted to lift that amount. He's a little obsessed with CF as he box jumps steps in our house, does Double unders while waiting for the bus and pushups on the counter on an on-going basis...but I guess I shouldn't complain - it's not watching TV or playing video games, right?

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Warm up - 1/2 mile on eliptical

WOD - 2500M row for time x 3 times and in between do 20 dumbell push presses (12# each hand): row times of 10:57, 10:52, 10:45 - felt slow

finished with 20 med ball sit ups and 2 sets of extensions

sore from yesterday's workout. squats always do that.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wod and some bands

Staying away from running...feel like something is pulling in left foot...not good. So today instead did:


100 squats
100 jump ropes
100 20# KB swings
100 jump ropes
100 12# wall balls
100 Jump ropes
Time: 14:14, HR: 150+

Max just got some bands to do pullups on a went to the Farms and did 10 pull ups/20 pushups x 2 and finished with another 10 pushups.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finally got a run in today. About 4.3 miles in 37 felt pretty good since my legs were so darn rested. Hopefully I can get into a better routine this week!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

puppy interruptions

tired today....and a little sore from the squats yesterday. while Kona, the puppy, was sleeping, I attempted to get in a to almost a mile and heard crying. I am a sucker. So 2 1/2 hours later, I finished another 2 miles. nothing too exciting.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

made up WOD

Got in a quick made up WOD - 400M run, 20 push ups (knee), 20 dumbell squat thrusters (10# in each hand) x 5 - total time was 17:59.

We just got a new puppy, so I will be trying to fit my workouts in either when she is exhausted and in her crate. It is so fun!! But oh boy, it's truly like having a newborn again....well worth every minute!!

Monday, October 4, 2010


"Jerry" was posted on the CF website yesterday, but instead I threw it in for today.

WOD - 1 mile run, 2K row, 1 mile run for time. Total time: 24:14. Times on individual stuff: 7:36 mile, 8:20 row, 7:40 mile...and then the rest is time going from one piece of equipment to another and getting it going.

This workout was exhausting...but better than a 5K for was nice to break it up with a row in between although after the first 500M it was a countdown to get it done.

Finished with extensions and 10 26#KB swings (wup was 1/2 mile elliptical and 5 burpees)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chilly but a breath of fresh air

Got out for a quick run this morning and did my fastest (I think- still need to check back) time on this route. I think with the cooler air, it was just easier. It was about 3.5 miles of road/trail and did it in 29:05. The last time I remember was a :31 run, so i need to find those previous times -found it- last one i did was 30:20 on August 27th.

Finished with 300 jump ropes for time: 3:02. Hagen did it after me (unbroken) in 2:16. He did have the lighter and faster of the jump ropes, so I'm gonna get my hands on one of those and do it again. 45 seconds is just too much to beat me by : )

Friday, October 1, 2010

sliding and a good run

Yesterday - I took a look out the window, saw the downpour, and decided the effort to get to the gym was too much yesterday. We have a treadmill downstairs, but didn't feel like running. Last year, I purchased a hockey slide for the kids, so that was my machine today...workin' those inner thighs. The WOD - 2 x 300 slides for time. 1st one was 10:36 and the 2nd was 10:13. My lower back, thighs and butt were screamin', but in a good way always.

Today - to the gym. Good solid run. 6.96 miles in 1 hour. 10K was 53:40. Finished with situps, some 75# bench presses and some 65# cleans. Red, hot, sweaty, tired.