Monday, June 21, 2010

long fun weekend

The pool has opened so we've been spending lots of time up there trying to stay cool.
Saturday - a rest day.
Yesterday, got up at 6am and went to Lake Compounce to watch the kids run a 5K. So proud of Sutton and Hagen...times were 25:11 and 24:55 respectively. They cranked - they are so inspiring! After the race the fun part was going to the park for a few hours with friends...we stayed until about 3ish so home by 3:45.

It was hot, it had just poured outside and steam was coming off the roads, but after seeing the kids run, I knew I had to get my long run in. It was pretty good all throughout...ran a lot of hills and every time I felt like stopping, I remembered what Hagen said to me about how he got through the hills on the course: fitter, faster, that's what I told myself and I plugged away up each hill. Total distance covered was 8.9 miles in 1:21. My legs were pretty wasted at the end.

Today, swim first. 3000 yards. Main set: 3x200's, 6x100's - nothing exciting to report - legs tired and arms flailing. Looking forward to an open water swim some time soon.

WOD was 500M row/400 M run - 5 times through - time was 21:37.
finished with the back extensions and 100 sit ups for time: 3:51.

Kids are home for summer now! No more school!


  1. Fitter Faster Stronger I love it! A bunch of our tshirts from the gym have faster written down the one sleeve and stronger written down the other. I always think of your child telling you that now!

  2. wow! those kids are fast! sounds like a fun time :)