Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yesterday and today

Wednesday...3 sets of 12 - bench press 45#, kb swings 12kg (Vs. 20lb monday), knee-push ups, front squats with 25 lb body bar, pull ups on gravitron, sit ups. Didn't feel done even though I was a little tired.

Ran on treadmill for 20 minutes - 15 minutes at 4.5% incline running 10 minute miles - that darn Rev 3 course was in my head - and then the last 5 minutes at 1% incline running at 8:34 minute miles.

Took a 30 minute nap - thank god I set the alarm or I would have slept through having to pick up my daughter.

Overcast and wet roads, but decided to ride outside instead. Workout was 5K @80% (x2) with 3 minutes rest in between. 1st one: 9 minutes on the nose 2nd: 10:07 - more hills involved on this one. Ended up going 19.7 miles total avg. 17.2 mph overall - had to loop back after doing the WOD.

Thought of going to pool, but unmotivated so did 10 x 50 second stretch cords on 1 minute.

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