Saturday, June 26, 2010

Madison Mile

What a beautiful day for an open water swim! Got up at 6am and was out the door around 6:30 headed to Madison for the open water 1 mile swim. I got there around 8 which gave me plenty of time to warm up and go to the bathroom.

Lots of folks today...young and old...that's what makes it so fun! The mini-mile was first (12 and under swimmers doing about 500 yards in the ocean)- fast little ones they are!! And then the old female master swimmers were up last, of course, so we ended up going off at around 9:30.

There were no wetsuits allowed, so when I hit the water, it was hands and feet were a bit numb during the race. It was packed from the start...everyone bunched up, but by the 2nd buoy, it felt like I was on my own. I probably was way off course...the sighting was difficult, but I got through it, stopping 3 times to adjust and clear goggles and find the next buoy. Lots of little jellyfish in there today too.

I came in at 32 minutes. It should have been faster, but I'm convinced that it was longer than 1 mile. Everyone's times were a lot slower than years prior. It didn't matter though. I felt like I worked it and my arms were definitely sore from plugging away. Finished 3rd in my age group...what was depressing was that the 1st place woman did it in 25 minutes...found out she's a top ten master's swimmer in the US. She was a bullet and beat all the men...Galen Rinaldi...beast! Fun day - wish I could have stayed at the beach all day to enjoy the weather!

Had every intention to come home and do a run...but I'm calling it a rest day today. Tomorrow's a new day.


  1. 3rd place! not too shabby :)

    nice job!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time and did well. Congrats!