Tuesday, June 1, 2010

swim and squat

Swim today. I thought about using my wetsuit but don't think it'll happen until race day... didn't feel like getting it in the chlorine. Completed 1800 yards. Main set:
8x50's kick/swim on :55 and held 45's
150/100/50 x 2 - times 1:59, 1:17, :37, 1:58, 1:16, :36

Gym WOD - 5 sets x 3 squats at 70%. Ended up doing 95# for 1st and last, and 85# for middle 3, working on getting low and form.

1 comment:

  1. Lake T is probably a trek for you, but you might consider it if you can get out during the day. I always feel really constricted the first couple times in my suit.

    Are you going with full sleeves?