Saturday, June 5, 2010


The last few days have been a blur and it's hard to believe the Rev 3 is tomorrow. I'm wishing the weather to be better than predicted, but I'll take the rain and cooler temps vs. hot, humid and sunny. Just don't give us thunderstorms!

Friday was a rest day although I was exhausted by 9:30. I was stressing about my bike. Took it to Benedorm to have them check a spoke only to have them tell me that my rim was bent. I probably could have gotten through the race with it fine, but it would have been just another worry. Thank goodness Max wasn't racing and I was able to swap his rim onto mine. After popping one tube and getting a new tire onto his and changing the tire 2 times, I was covered in grease, but feeling a little better about changing a blown tire should it happen.

So that brings me to today. Woke up early 5:30. Got my coffee and off to do 20 minutes of biking and 20 running. Honestly, my legs felt good, but I still felt a little tired breathing wise - but I'm chalking that up to the humidity. Preparations are in place for dropping the bike off today (maybe I'll see some of you there) - I'll be shooting over to Quassy in between tournament games in Newtown for Sutton! Always fun!

Until tomorrow! Go Trimax Team!!

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