Monday, February 1, 2010

Good swim

It's always hard to get to the gym knowing that I have to also go to the pool, plus it's hard to pick which one to do first. And will the first one wipe me out for the 2nd one?'s a guessing game. Today I picked the gym first - it was a short WOD. 500M row/ 21 x25lb thrusters (3x) for time. Time was 10:21 which I could take or leave...the row was hard on my legs and while I didn't break during the 21 thrusters, my quads were definitely feeling it and so was my heart - heartrate was low 180's as I finished.

Pool was good today...I am more positive going into it when I feel good about what I can do...although today I wasn't so sure what would happen with doing the CF workout first. I ended up completing 3600 yards with the main set of 500, 400, 300, 200, 100 for time (all had a 100IM drill in between). Times were: 6:57, 5:32, 4;03, 2:37 and 1:15. Looking forward to Thursday already :)

So as I'm reading everyone's posts that they did dumbell thrusters, I'm feeling a little guilty because I did thrusters with a bar and 1/2 the weight of what I was supposed to do...sometimes ya get it right and sometimes ya don't. So at some point I need to do the 25# dumbell thrusters to see how much more pain I can experience...I'm sure that I will need to break them up more than a few times in order to finish. :)


  1. You're the real deal #25lb thruster and 1:20 less than my time, awesome!

    Who's your trainer? :) I know you're on The Zone but are you eating anything else? Any secrets?

  2., i went back and checked my plan after everyone had mentioned that they did dumbell thrusters...i guess i just didn't see that word and instead did a thruster with a 25lb bar...don't get me wrong that it wasn't hard, but it would have been significantly harder and i would have been nowhere near the time i did today had i been using 50lbs. i will try it again!