Thursday, February 11, 2010

Going through the motions

2/11 - swim- i never would have imagined that my arms would still be sore 4 days after doing those pull-ups, but they were. swimming was hard today. just going through the motions. main set- 15 x 150's. Total yards-3000.

WOD #2- (400M run, 50 squats ) x 6 = 20:20. Heartrate 160+

2/12- mindset was to just sweat today. many emotions flowing. 4 mile run and 12 15# dumbell thrusters (x3). Tired and did not sleep much and ate too little and poorly yesterday with travel.

2/13 - the lack of sleep is hurting my body, but i will prevail. now just have to get rid of this cold i happened to pick up.

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  1. Hi Christina, thinking of you and Max - hope you get over the cold quickly