Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feeling strong

I just read Max's note to has been so great hearing everyone's take on their journey to better fitness, health and competition! Keep up the great work!

I had another positive day where I felt really good about my workout. Today, my warm-up was a 1/2 hour of shoveling since there was a snow delay and then once the kids got on the bus, I was off to the gym. 500M row, 50x20lb KB, 500 row, 40x20lb KB, 500 row, 30x20lb KB, 500 row was the WOD. I had seen Jane's post before I left so she pumped me up that I could do better than last time which was Jan. 6th. The row did not feel great starting off, but boy those kettlebell swings felt good and strong- I was moving more quickly through those than last time. By my last row, I was huffing hard and finished at 180+ heartrate. I improved my time by 37 seconds and went a 12:44.

Second workout: 4 x 400's with 2 minutes rest in between. My legs, while tired from the previous workout, almost feel more warmed up and better for running when I have a short set like this to do. The total mile time was 6:50. The first .25 mile was the slowest because the treadmill had to get going...after that I kept it running. My fastest 400 was the last one at 9.0mph...1.45, 1:43, 1:42, 1:40.

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