Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A positive comparison

January 12th was the last time I did a 25K TT on the bike. Today that was what was on the agenda so I replicated the workout by going to the gym and using the same bike with the same seat height. I even had the same guy sitting next to me as last time. Why do I remember that, you ask? Well, how can one forget when the volume on my ipod needs to be increased significantly in order not to hear the noises he makes....very distracting!

Anyway, last time I finished in 39.02. Today the time was 37.57...I pushed the beginning and had my heartrate immediately up in the 150's - by the end I was at 160, but overall average was 153. I climbed 9091 ft (vs. 9036 from last time) and my average speed was 24.5, up from last time. Overall a happy result.