Sunday, February 14, 2010

Knees to elbows? don't think so...

WOD was 21 25# KBswings and 21 Knees to elbows (4x) - this produced some serious blisters on my palms. I had trouble holding on through the KTE exercise in that by the 2nd round, I was doing each one individually. I made sure I did my form as best as possible...there was no way I was getting to the elbow. The boob is as far as I got. Everything was shaking. Total time 11:48.

2nd workout - 1 minute stand/1 min sit all the way up to 5 and back down (50 minute ride)- 19.98 miles. This really took a toll on my legs with the standing. Glad to have gotten the workout in.


  1. Sounds like your form on the knees to elbows was better than mine. I know what you mean about the hands - they really hurt. Was I supposed to track my distance on the bike - I just pushed till my legs were screaming for mercy - didn't pay attention to the distance.