Friday, February 5, 2010

worst one yet

this wod was painful - 400m run, 50 squats, 10 burpees (4x) for time. After the first set of burpees, I could not catch my breath and running was very took a good 1/10 mile to feel the legs again. I didn't break in my squats but the burpees were definitely slow going. Time was 15.22 and I gave it all I had. Thank god I did it at home instead of the gym...what a mess I am.

Second workout - 5min bike/2 off x4- distances were 2.13, 2.24, 2.25, 2.23- did it at home on my bike. The times seem comparable to what I do on the gym bike. Love the comforts of home and no one making noises on the bike next to me.


  1. I wonder what people think of me when I'm doing my workouts - I think I might have been grunting a little the last time I rowed.

  2. Holy Cow Christina, I can't believe it. I did the wod today in 15:22 too!!! How weird is that? Seeing your time makes me feel good about mine. Have a great weekend!