Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A lot on my mind so short blog...400M run, 50 squats, 800M run, 50 squats, 1600M run, 50 squats - time 17:19. Thank god it was short today.


  1. You fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee!

    I did 20:12 in my 400mts. + 50squats x 6 and you did 17:19!!!!!

    Definitely a rock-star!

  2. Thanks..but you had a 150 more squats to do...that would have taken me over 5 minutes at that you a rock-star!

  3. In one of your blogs you mention that you did the bike WOD on your gym, that means in a stationary bike right? The spinning type or the one some ladies uses to exercise and socialize?

    Since I'm fairly new to the aerobars I try to do all my WOD in a similar position that I will be on race day.

  4. I had to use the non-spinning bike as we do not have access to those since you can only use them in a class. When I ride, I tend to lean over as if I'm in an aero does the job for now until I can get on my own bike. enjoy!