Thursday, February 25, 2010

Swim and some AMRAP fun

Water today felt good. Ttl yards - 4000. Main set 400/200/100 (x2 - 1st IM, 2nd free). Goal was to go hard and each one had to beat half of what the one prior for my 400 IM time of 6:06, I had to go under 3:03 for the 200 (did a 2:54) and then had to go under 1:27 for 100 IM (went 1:24). Free was the same - 400 was 5:33, 200 was 2:39 and 100 was 1:15. Worked hard on these and then did some 50's on 50 pulling, holding :40.

2nd WOD was 5 burpees/10 knee push-ups/500M row as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes. I chose to do this at home so I substituted the row with a 500M (.31 mile) run. I got in 6 rounds, 5 burpees and 3 push-ups in the 20 minutes. DONE!


  1. I find the fact that you can butterfly faster than my free somewhat disturbing. Wanna arm-wrestle?


  2. Mike, I would be careful with that. How demoralized do you want to get?

    Christina, that was a monster swim set. I won't increase my duration until after tax season is over, but I have been wondering if I should spend more time in the pool (swimming, not lounging). I would do whatever Max programs for me and then I would do drills. I don't imagine it would add more than 20 - 30 mintutes to a workout which I can afford to do after April 15th. What's your opinion?

  3. Sure Martin. It can't hurt to add a little more swimming into your plan if you can fit it in. To me it's all about feeling my stroke and making sure i'm grabbing the water. But, check with the boss before doing anything drastic! :)