Monday, May 3, 2010

a little off

So today was a swim and CF day. Swim times were a bit off - I know I ate and drank poorly yesterday, was standing all day long and in the sun, and didn't get a lot of sleep so those are my excuses, but I still tried to work as hard as I could.

Total yards 3500
WU 800 and 4x50's kick/swim
Main set:
2x300s on 5 (4:10, 4:09)
4x150's on 2:30 (2:02, 2:02. 2:05, 2:03)
100 ez
3 x100's kick on 2 min (1:49, 1:45, 1:44)
100 ez
3x100's free on 1:40 (1:19, 1:20, 1:20)
8x50's stroke on 50 with fins
Warm down set to finish

Then did CF workout later...20 min AMRAP of 5 pullups, 10 knee pushups, 15 squats - got in 18 full rounds and all but 10 squats in on round #19. Was sweatin' up a storm, but it felt good. I am beat.

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  1. Nice job on the crossfit workouts Christina! Don't feel so bad about your swim times, just look at mine and you'll feel a lot better ;-)