Monday, May 10, 2010

brick- well not really

I swapped out tomorrow's workout for today...40K TT - I really do not like working out in the afternoon. Got on my trainer and used some of that inside energy that had been stored up all day. 55:45 - averaged 26.4 mph and heartrate stayed in the 160-170 range (checked it several times). That is a lot faster than my last 40K which was in February..a little more than 3 minutes faster, but then again, who knows with the trainer if it's in the same exact position as before - I did have it on the second highest gear.

The brick part was sad, but I had to pick up Hagen at the HS and by being there a little earlier I got on the track and did a mile. Legs didn't feel too bad, although 1) it was only a mile and 2) i wasn't going very is still windy and cold.


  1. Christina

    Those are Chris Lieto #'s on your 40K TT!!! Avg. 26 mph!!!! Wow!!! Outstanding results!!

  2. ha funny! i wish. the trainer is what it is and doesn't compare to outside #'s. So, while I know I worked hard, I don't know if it's truly a fair comparison to last time. But thanks anyway!