Tuesday, May 11, 2010

welcome back KB

First on the docket...swim: 2600 yards
Main set:
4 x 200's on 3:15 - 2:45, 2:43, 2:45, 2:46
100 easy
3 x 200's on 3:30 -2:43, 2:43, 2:43
100 easy
1 x 200 2:41

Felt okay. Went to gym to get the WOD in. 400 M run/21 25lb KB/400M/18/400M/ 15KB/ 400M/12 KB/ 400M/ 9KB/400M/6KB/400M/3/400M/1KB. Woah...so out of breath by last 3 400M runs...19.29 minutes (thought i might have done a double on the 12KB set, but who knows...treadmill stopped after 10 minutes so had to restart and lost a little bit of concentration).


  1. those short little treadmill runs are the worst! I always feel like i'm gonna die! :)

  2. Nice work Christina! Nancy was psyched that I bought her a 25lb. kettlebell as a present!