Sunday, May 9, 2010

a little bit of this and that

I just wanted a run by myself, so dropped the kids off at Ironworks and headed out to the Granby/Simsbury bike trail across from the ISCC. Did 5.6 miles in 51 minutes.

Then saw a small dirt hill at the back of ISCC - did 5 sprints up it (about 40 seconds each) -used the downhill to catch my breath before staring back up again. Trying to emulated the uphill dirt run of Rev 3 that goes for 4 miles...brutal.

Next, headed to the Ironworks truck and saw no kids outside, so grabbed a 12 lb medicine ball and did 25 wall balls. Then grabbed a 45 lbs bar and did 10squats and 5 thrusters.

4 sets of 20 stairs and done. Windy but nice morning.


  1. Christina

    Well done. Uh yes the dirt road of REV 3. How lovely that patch of dirt is. Your going to have a great race. Happy Mother's Day!!

  2. nice mothers day morning workout. happy mothers day

  3. Definitely a hodge podge to vary things up a bit. Happy Mothers Day

  4. REv 3 is making me nervous... :O

    HOpe you had a great Mothers DAy!

  5. Is it really 4 miles? I think I blacked out during that part ;-) Hope everyone took care of you yesterday.