Friday, May 21, 2010

No indoors today

I had to ride today...the plan called for 3/6/9/12 mile check points...I did my best to look at the times, but to me it didn't really matter since the course was constantly changing, 9:31, 20:02, 28.44, 48.50 (much of it up hill - rt. 219).

Ended up riding 43.2 miles - time 2:27 - avg. 17.5, max speed 41. Came home and jumped on the treadmill for a mile. It didn't feel great to go into the run, but it was manageable. Nutrition on the bike was good and took in 3 full water bottles. Still thinking about Sue who's out there tackling her century ride - you go Grigely! Hope you wore sunscreen : )


  1. Way to go Christina! That is some seriously nice riding.

  2. Great day to get out and ride! Good work :)