Monday, May 24, 2010

breaking through it...

Glad to have the swim day...was contemplating switching it up to bike today instead, but will do that tomorrow. Today..3600 yards.
  • 5 x 150s on 2:30 (held 2:00 on each one - i was so annoyed that i couldn't break that 2 minute mark so I swam an easy 150 and continued with.....)
  • 3x150's on 2:30 - YAY - breakthrough....all 1:58s! I'm not sure how I hold those times exactly since i don't feel the same on any of them - so gave myself another 150 easy and then....
  • 1x150 - 1:56. D-O-N-E
  • 4x100 IMs on 1:50 - went 1:27, 1:25, 1:25, 1:24...felt like crap but pulled off some decent times.
WOD at gym - (500M row/30 25# barbell thrusters) x 4
I was ready to do this workout with enthusiasm but as soon as I started thrusting, I could feel the tiredness in the arms and legs. I did my best to work hard through it, but felt more like I was going through the motions. Total time: 17:03

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