Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hot track!

I probably should have saved this workout for a cooler day, but it was on the plan, so went for it.

Jogged to the HS (approx. 2 miles) as warm up for the track workout of 10 x 200s at 5K pace. I could have probably have backed off a little on the speed but just wanted to get them over with:
Times: 54, 52 (after this one, the grounds keeper came over to tell me that this was not the day to do this - I replied that I'd be racing in the heat, so I might as well get used to it :) -
The rest of the times were 51, 49.2, 49.3, 49.7, 49.5, 54 (no idea how so off), 48.7, 47.8.

I was boiling but wanted to do this other CF workout since I was already sweaty and didn't feel like going to the gym to do shoulder presses. Instead substituted 50 stepups/40 box jumps/30 situps/20 knee push ups/10 burpees x 2 for time - the bleachers were there for the first 2 and then I ran down the ramp to do the rest. Total time was 12:59. I was surprised. It felt so much slower than that, but I was pleased....a little slower than last time, but it was justified by the previous workout and the heat.

As I'm walking across the field, there are 2 girls in their bikinis applying lotion and sunbathing away during their free period. Too funny! Anyway, didn't have my car, so ran back home (about a 1.5 m worth and then walked 1/2 mile to cool down - which didn't really happen). Shower please.


  1. You are one tough cookie! This would be a hot day in the middle of the summer - hitting this early makes it seem even hotter.

  2. yeah it as def a hot one today. nice job.

  3. Hat's off to ya Christina! It was nasty out there today. While you were sweating up a storm, I was taking a very long nap ;)