Thursday, May 13, 2010

top half works - bottom not so good

Pool day...wasn't really motivated to do a lot, so after reading everyone else's blogs, thought I'd do a 1000 for time. Warmed up with 400 and felt loose in the arms, but legs weren't moving. Gluteus maximus muscles are sore...but that didn't matter. My time was 14:10. I felt great, breathing wise and stroke wise with the pull. But of course, doubting myself that I may have missed 2 laps, I felt like I need to do something else to see where I'd come in. So off I went for a 500 (for time, but definitely didn't feel as smooth since I had put most of what I had into the 1000)...came in at 6:56. Okay...I can justify that I did do 40 laps. So after a quick 150 warm down, just one more distance to see what the time would be...200yards. Came in at 2:39. That was exhausting, but I'm so glad I did it. Swimming is strange like that for me...some days when I'm least expecting it, everything clicks. While other days when I'm excited to get in the water, I feel awful!

Next WOD was 20K TT -it started off rough and continued that way- the course not too hilly, but my legs were dying. Avg mph was 18.4. Total time was 40:10. Did total of 18 miles in 58 minutes.

Sometimes you just gotta be happy that one thing was workin' out okay today.


  1. damn! you are fast in the water! :)

  2. Christina

    Michael Phelps just called & said he is changing sports after seeing your swim times.