Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WOD and 500TT

I did not want to do this WOD today. I knew it would be less than 15 minutes, but all those burpees....boohoo. Hit the gym and warmed up with jumping rope (wow, that got my heartrate going) and then a 1/2 mile run.

Onto the WOD - it should go 30, 20, 10 instead of 10, 20, 30 (ending with that many is torture). The set was box jumps, squats, knee pushups, burpees. By the last set of burpees, I was exhausted and sweating like I had just run a 10K in 85 degree weather. Total time: 11:56.

Came home and got the boys to take a drive to drop off the bike at cycling concepts. A guy heard me mention LP and said he was headed up to volunteer on the bike course in order to get a slot for next just makes me realize that a year just went by so quickly!!!

Pool later and warmed up and did a 500 TT - 6:39!! So excited. Broke the 6:45 mark. Thrilled and felt pretty strong...came out of nowhere. Did a 100 to see what I'd do and hit 1:12. Had a raging headache and still do, but somehow pulled it off. YAY! At least for today.


  1. That circuit was a killer - the entire time I kept thinking about how hard it was going to be to end w/30 burpees. So the day after, my arms are killing me. Great job on the swim - I will always be envious of your speed. And yes, this year went by so fast it is scary.

  2. Yeah, where did the year go? I'll be happy when I can hit 8:15 for a 500 yd swim. You rock!

  3. Way to go Christina! You are going to blow people out of the water! I am amazed at the high effort you put forth on all the WODs.