Friday, July 9, 2010

The track

Kids to to the track for this workout. Why does a 1/2 mile seem so much longer on a track than on a treadmill? Anyway, the workout today hurt.

Warmed up with 3/4 mile..of course, ran into some friends who I worked with at a pre-school. But said my hellos and off I went to do the 800M/30 sit-ups x 4 workout.

My first 1/2 mile came in around 3:44, so I was really pleased...after that I didn't really keep track of my splits but noticed that the last one was around 3:59/4 minutes.

Total time: 19:33 - legs felt pretty good, but just tough on the breathing. And as usual it was bloody hot!!


  1. I've gotta do this one later today - hopefully I will get a break from the heat, but I doubt it.

    Approximately two weeks to go - yipee!

  2. Everything is okay. Not a big fan of this ridiculous humidity. Its tough when you shower and get dressed for work and just immediately find yourself drenched in sweat... not a pleasant way to start the work day.

    And of course, doing a CF workout sans air conditioning is just bound to be uber sweaty! :)

    Hoping the pain in my butt goes away soon so I can get the run going...