Wednesday, July 21, 2010

oh dear helen ...

today was helen at 70%. warmed up with some jump rope and went at it. so as i'm about to start the run, my legs are shaking and i'm nervous about doing it..what's wrong with this the beginning of it? got going and felt better as i was going through it - the KBs were with 20lb and the gravitron was at time was 11:24. probably could have relaxed a little more, but it's done.

tomorrow's workout says 8x200s. Don't know when i'll get that done, if at all since we're driving up and then doing stuff when we get there. So i did go to the track just for 2 of them...held 57 and 58 comfortably, without a warm up. That's enough.

Dropped the kids off at ironworks and just had to jump in the pool to feel out the stroke. For me, this is key in a taper. If the arms feel good, then i just want to try and keep that feeling until race day. So far, so good. Only did a relaxing 20 to work out which goggles to choose...still undecided so bringing up 4 different pairs...decisions, decisions.

Now resting while doing a little packing which is almost all done. :)


  1. I'll be tracking you and sending all the positive mojo I can muster on Sunday. Good luck! Have fun with it!!

  2. your going 2 b great! I have no doubt!