Monday, July 5, 2010

5K and WOD

Swapped out today's workout for tomorrow's. Hit the gym - warmed up with 1/2 mile run.

WOD - 10pullups/10 wall balls/10 pushups x 4 - time of 5:44

5K run - time of 23:22. Thought I had done a few of these, but the only one I could find was back in January- I was one second faster this time, however, I had a treadmill malfunction last time which gave me a little time to recover within the 5K. Felt pretty good other than the fact that my legs felt wobbly by the end and I was overheating. Glad to have it done. Don't think I could have done it outside today unless I ran in my swimsuit and someone was spraying me with a hose.

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