Saturday, July 31, 2010

bike again

Somehow I seem to find a 49 minute route fairly's the time it's taken me each time I've gone out and rode the last 3 times after IMLP (all different routes). Today was a 15 miler in 48:36. No rushing...felt pretty good overall in the legs, but still feel a little tired. Where I really start to feel it is after 30 minutes...the butt really starts to hurt again. I think I may do a little rowing in the near future instead.

On a side note, something after Lake Placid has motivated my kids. Today, unprompted, Hagen goes for 1.5 mile run, Torben 2.4 mile bike and Sutton a WOD that took over 20 minutes made up by her which included running, jumping rope, squats and burpees! Whatever it is... It's all good : )

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