Thursday, July 15, 2010

ooo- buoyant

Nothing like a wetsuit to get used to. I went swimming today...a good neck for some reason is really stiff and swimming loosened it up a bit. Don't know if it's from sleeping poorly or just something I did yesterday.

Warmed up with a 500 and did 5 x 50's on a minute holding 36s and 35s. Easy 100 and repeated the 50's and held 35s and 36s. This was all without the wetsuit.

What was not so fun was getting the wetsuit on when wet. Headed to the bathroom and began the struggles...the plastic bag on the feet were key but still it was tough getting over the older woman passed by me and stopped to stare for a while. I decided to try the bags on the wet arms too and that seemed to help too. Once it was on I zipped it up and strolled into the pool area where I got a few more strange looks...but ignored it all and hopped in.

Did a few laps to feel it out and get the arms/legs comfortable. Decided to try it out, but when I did flip turns, water seemed to flood into the wetsuit making it uncomfortable. So instead, I did about 5 or 6 50s but with open turns. I held 31s and 32s...what a difference a little buoyancy makes! But boy, was I hot after wearing that thing...hoping the the waters of Mirror Lake will be quite frigid and make it worthwhile to wear the wetsuit, not only for speed but for warmth!

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