Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wall balls

Saw that I had 150 wall balls for time again. My hips/quads are sore from the squats yesterday so I went for a bike ride and quick .8 mile run to warm up.

Onto the WOD. I immediately started sweating. I got to 42 and had to stop. I wanted to quit. I actually started walking away and then got pissed at myself for even thinking of stopping. So within a 15 second turnaround, I convinced myself that I needed to finish it, and then back to the wall I went. With the stop, I finished in 6:14. I could barely breath by the last 50 and the ball was slipping from all the sweat, but happy that I completed it.

After feeding everyone + a friend lunch and mowing the lawn, I took everyone to Westie to swim. I didn't get much accomplished other than a 500 swim and 10x100's (not very fast), but it was good to get in and stretch out. I did feel pretty tired.

Is it 9pm yet?

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  1. I can't believe you make it to 9pm with that kind of day!