Wednesday, April 7, 2010

worthless arms...

That was not a fun CF workout...21/15/9 45# thrusters/dips (pulled 60lbs). time 8:02. I can't feel my arms - and i'm getting a tingly/shaky feeling when I try and touch my head...upper body very fatigued.

Now to cover the lower body. 20 x 1minute/:30 seconds rest - noting distance. I spun outside in the lovely sun. Lots of sweating, but had to get in a little tanning too. Went 10.47 miles. Average heartrate in the 170s.

I had some lunch, got some stuff done and then I just had to get out and ride a little bit...just too nice. Went 13 miles -40minutes. Didn't push it except when I was going downhill, just enjoyed it.


  1. Nice work. I hear you about the sit-ups. That was unexpected :)

  2. I have those tasks on tap for tomorrow. Have never done a dip so I better check CF demo to see it. Do you think the bike Tabata can be done not on the trainer?

  3. for the dip, i use the gravitron (just like pull-up), but you're using the side by side bars and you basically let your body drop down, bending at the elbows and then pulling your weight back up - sucks as much as a pull up.

    I don't think that kind of tabata could be done without a trainer - you could ride hard for 1 min and then ease up on the road, but that's hard to keep track of distance. good luck. i'm tired and need to go to bed!