Saturday, April 24, 2010

I was planning on doing the 10K river run tomorrow, but due to Max being gone, Sutton having a game in Fairfield and the weather looking terrible, I opted to run today instead. I did 6 miles in 53 1/2 minutes- considering that my legs felt pretty tired, I am okay on the time.

I thought the run was all I'd get in today, but was feeling guilty for continuously choosing to ignore the CF workouts. I was supposed to do a CF set of 100ft walking lunges, 10 burpees, 25 sit-ups (x3) but since I tried lunges and it hurt my foot, I substituted in 50 squats instead and did the set 4 time was 12:20.

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  1. hey, i'll miss you at the River Run... :(. Guess we're all gonna get wet!