Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I had attempted to get to the gym early knowing that I had a limited amount of time, but I forgot something, so had to turn around which made me realize that I didn't have the time I wanted, so I waited until later to work out. I definitely like getting my workouts done in the morning. Anyway, i went to the gym around 1:30. I decided to start with a 25K time trial on the bike. It stunk...the time was 40.58 - that's 3 minutes off my best and I felt like I was working hard.

After I was warmed up, I decided to take a go at the 5 max deadlifts on the plan so I loaded up the bar to 150 and went for the first attempt. Something was about to pop in the shoulder so I put that bar right down. Took off all the weight and did 20 reps at 45lbs. Then did some jump rope and ab sets. Disappointing. Gotta find the power and focus again.

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  1. When you find Mr. Power and after he visit you, please send it to my home too. lately I've being feeling pretty tired, anyway... keep trying, keep trying never give up, never give up...