Thursday, April 1, 2010

pool again & that's okay

I went to look at my plan said - lots of deadlifts and 400M runs (x4) and then had 4 x 5K bikes....I think the plan is wrong. Can't be right for today. Gotta be a typo. It's just not happening. My body is still recovering so to the pool is where I went.

Had a good workout - 3000 yards. Main set was 10 x150's. 4 x 150's descend (last one was 2:03) and 4 x 150's back descend (last one was 2:14) and then 2 more 150's free - held 2:04s for both. Felt pretty good...had a hard time pushing off walls because of the calf muscle but it's way better than Monday. I look almost normal walking now.


  1. Fire the person who wrote the plan :)

  2. hmmmm... those workouts sound familiar...

    I thought it was a typo too ;)