Monday, April 5, 2010

back to business -need to focus

i did not have fun in the pool today...who wants to be there when you can be outside - it was a little windy though, so maybe it's good not to be on the bike. 2000 yards:

500 - 7:25
400 - 5:38
300 - 4:10
200 - 2:45
100 - 1:19
Was supposed to pick up speed - did a little but still felt slow

10x50's stroke on :55.

Gym for 7-7-7-7-7 back squats. Worried about my knee, but it felt okay. By the end the legs were shakin' furiously. 95-115-125-125-130 (failed on 6th one - bar came crashing down and so did I - thank god for those extra bars hanging there to catch the weight. Phew!


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  2. impressive numbers on those back squats! makes mine look kinda wimpy... ;)

  3. Wow Christina,
    Even with the knee and the calf that's a ton of weight, very impressive.