Friday, April 16, 2010

Indoor ride today

A great birthday yesterday- it was beautiful out. Thanks to all of you for your birthday wishes!

Today was A 5x5 mile bike ride indoors (taking about 2-3 minutes in between)...would have been nicer outside, but hard to keep track of times and boy, it's chilly today. Times were really consistent and my legs were dead afterwards: 12:58, 13:06, 12:59, 13:01 and 12:53. Level 15, heartrate between 147-150.

Wanted to do the row/box jump/pushup workout. Tried a box jump and swung my arms to get up and felt the pain in the right shoulder - not worth it. Another day.

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  1. Christina

    Happy birthday!! Sorry I missed the birthday post. As always even if you did have dead legs, still great results!!