Friday, April 23, 2010


Headed to the pool early and then turned around when I got there - plans for the kids came up. I knew I'd be able to get back in later, so no big deal.

Got in and warmed up. For the first time ever, on both sides of me, there were some pretty good swimmers so I was pushing it a little more than usual.

Main set:
12x75s which had kicking and swimming all 4 strokes.
4x100 IMs on 2min and I held 1:25s,
3x100's free on 1:40 and held 1:18s
1 x 100 free - hit a 1:15

I was pretty pumped considering it had been a while since I'd been at that time. So all good...3100 yards completed in about 50 minutes. That's all I got in today.


  1. Nothing like a little competition to provide motivation :). Looks like you're getting your mojo back! Those 100s are amazing!

  2. Christina
    I would do anything to Hold 1:25's for IM & 1:18's free. Outstanding!!!