Friday, April 2, 2010

Too nice

I hope everyone got a piece of sunshine today. I counted zillions of bikers out there today. I wanted to do a CF workout, but having the kids around and everyone wanting to be outside, I took them down to ironhorse, dropped off sutton and attempted a quick run with the boys ripsticking and biking with me. It's not really that fun when they're next to you. Anyway, I went for 15 minutes - I wasn't ready to run. The calf still hurt.

A few hours later, I went out on the bike for a good ride. The hills that I always thought were so hard were not and I felt pretty strong. I just have to get used to riding in the saddle again - that's the part that hurts most : ). Went for an hour and covered 17.5 miles over a fairly hilly course- just happy to be out there. Missing my riding buddy though, Sue, and will have to find the time to get some joint rides in...soon, my friend, soon.

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