Monday, March 1, 2010

Wrong order

I had Fran and a swim in store for today. I thought I'd get Fran out of the way first. 1/2mile run warm up and here we go. 21-15-9 (45# thrusters and pullups-gravitron pulling 60lbs) for time. These definitely hurt. Final time was 9:51 which includes running up and down stairs in between thrusters and pull-ups. I actually thought the pull-ups were significantly harder than the thrusters this go-around.

then to the pool - i could already feel soreness in my forearms and when i got in to warm up, I knew that today was not the day for swimming - i couldn't feel my pull whatsoever due to the Fran workout, so I did a lot of pulling and a main set of kicking. total yards - 2200.


  1. Christina

    Reading the e-mail that Max had sent out last week, he mentioned you were a collegiate swimmer @ Dartmouth. I have a question on the fly if that's OK? When your arms are come forward on the fly stroke are you still dolphin kicking or not kicking @ all? I have been told not to kick when my arms are coming forward to conserve energy particularly when doing the 200 or 400 IM. I would like to know your prespective. Any advise would be appreciated.


  2. Hi..I am not a coach, but I think I have enough experience in the stroke to maybe help you a bit...there are two kicks in fly, both important and in order for your arms to come up, out and forward you need that dolphin kick. The second kick comes when your arms are pulling underneath your body to propel you forward. You can conserve your energy by how strong your kick is and somewhat leave your legs hanging a bit, but the best way to help yourself in when you're doing more than one lap of fly is to glide a bit more once your arms are out front before you pull through...just a thought. Try and see if it works. Also, while we've been told to breath every 2, breathing every stroke is okay may break up your rhythm a bit, but it can help your stroke and keep you from going oxygen deficient. GOOD LUCK!

  3. Thanks Christina. Maybe you should be a coach. I like your idea of gliding a bit more. Makes senses & I would think you would relax a little more by getting the extra glide. I am able to breathe every other stroke on a 100 IM, but anything beyond that I am breathing every stroke. Total oxygen deficient!! Thanks again for lesson.