Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm feeling a little like Dan today...a little overwhelmed. Just so much floating around in the head. I got to the pool this morning...main set was 500/400/300/200/100 - times were 6:57, 5:36, 4:08, 2:42 and 1:16...not the speed i had hoped for but considering it didn't feel great, I was okay with the times. Total yards: 3200.

Headed home to do 100 knee push-ups. I haven't graduated yet-i feel enough pain being on the knees. I got in 30 without stopping and then it was just about every 10 with a break and then the last 2 sets of 10 were broken too. It hurt. As I was recovering, my dog was outside enjoying the sun, so I thought I'd go for a quick run too - why not. I did my Stratton Brook in felt so good to get out there and breathe the air and take in the sun. I was really happy with the run - it was 2 minutes faster than what I usually do on that route...I'll have to double check when I last ran that route.


  1. You are in trouble if you are feeling like me

  2. Christina

    Gotta love those ladder swim WOD's. Even if you were a little overwhelmed (We can all relate to that) you held a strong pace & finished the last 100 @ 1:16. Great job!!! I can only dream of finishing strong like this.