Saturday, March 20, 2010

quick run

down to norwich yesterday afternoon to hang with hagen's hockey team and get to bed at a decent time to be able to get up easily enough for a 7am game this morning. we also had a 12:40 game. didn't return home until after 3pm. it was so beautiful out. it was supposed to be a day off for me, but after sitting in a car and a rink for hours, had to go for a run. it wasn't long and it felt really good. did 6.8 miles in 58.50 minutes...i felt decent even though i wasn't hydrated enough or hadn't eaten well today. i will debate tomorrow whether to work out or not - we have another game at 9am in norwich and if the team makes it to the finals we're back there at 5pm. more driving and sitting.

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