Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Posting...this could be fun!

Well, the husband seems to have motivated everyone to start a blog. So in order not to feel like a misfit for not doing one(especially since Max is the head honcho of all this), I guess I will attempt to put one together myself - all in all, it will be a nice little journal to look back on in the future. And I'm really looking forward to reading everyone's journey toward their goals in 2010!

Today I would have liked to have gotten the workout over and done with early, but didn't make to the gym until closer to was probably a good thing since it empties out a bit after 11. Max was finishing his workout so I watched him in agony (and scaring other folks nearby)- not a good way to get myself psyched up, but it had to get done!

Today was a double workout - in retrospect I should have split them up due to sheer exhaustion. After warming up, headed to the rower for 500M/50 20lb kettlebells/500M/ 40x20lb kettlebells/500M/30x20lb kettlebells/500M time - 13:21. The rowing seemed easier than usual knowing that only 500M had to be all out at once. All was well with the exception of a woman walking right around me to try and use the rower in the middle of my workout - so I just breathed loudly "I'll be done soon". She was annoyed...oh well, I'm sure I'll experience more of those.

After resting for about 15 minutes (definitely not enough), it was the dreaded 5K for time. I felt so tired in my legs and didn't think I could go for long. I did the first mile in 7:13 and about 45 seconds later the treadmill just shut down (do you think I was pissed?- just a little) I quickly changed machines and did 2.1 miles more in 16.10 giving me an unofficial total of 23:23 - I'll take it. After cooling down and then a warm shower, I could have used a nap, but no such luck. One day.

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  1. I have learned very quickly to NOT care about what other people do or think - I make sure I do my KB swings right next to the Rower and/or leave my water bottle on the seat.